Plans made for Traffic Light Tree's return

By Rob Virtue on January 14, 2013 10:22 AM |

traffic light tree.jpg

The Isle of Dogs' iconic Traffic Light Tree is closer to returning after plans were submitted for it to go to a new site just outside Canary Wharf.

The art installation has been in storage since its previous home at Westferry roundabout was redeveloped in December 2011.

An application has been submitted by the council to its own planning committee to put the tree at Trafalgar Way roundabout near Billingsgate Market.

A public consultation period will run until the end of January.

traffic light.jpg

The move comes after Blackwall and Cubitt Town councillor Gloria Thienel campaigned to keep the tree, designed by French artist Pierre Vivant in 1998, in the area.

Planners had ruled there was no room on the new Westferry roundabout for it to go back there.

In 2005 the structure of 75 flashing lights won a prize for best roundabout, voted for by the public.


John said:

Brilliant idea !! Looking forwards to seeing it back