Plans hatched to bring QE2 to east London

By Rob Virtue on January 8, 2013 2:30 PM |


Ambitious plans to berth the Queen Elizabeth 2 on the Thames and turn her into a static hotel have been unveiled.

A team of enthusiasts have started an Internet petition to try to get the ship, retired from cruises in 2008 and bought by a company in Dubai, back to the capital.

Reports before Christmas suggested the QE2 was heading to China to be used for scrap but it's hoped it can now find a new home on the Thames under the Emirates cable car.

A move is likely to prove costly with reports in the Mirror suggesting extensive dredging would be needed to provide a berth.

But the campaign group, QE2London, claims it can be done and say the ship will also have no problem making it through the Thames Barrier.

Campaigner Rob Lightbody said: "The plan has been a long time in the making, and done in secrecy. Events in Dubai are moving fast."

Help would need to come from the Government to facilitate the project and a petition has been set up to try to persuade the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to take action.