New fashion retailers to greet influx of Wharfers

By Beth Allcock on January 3, 2013 5:18 PM |

Camille Waxer - Preferred April 12.jpg

As you're busily snapping up New Year essentials in Jubilee Place, take time from your shopping spree to glance around at your surroundings.

For the tell-tale signs of an impending retail transformation are already starting to show, ensuring that winter shopping in the mall will never be the same again.

Eagle-eyed Wharfers will have already spotted the hoardings next to Cafe Nero, housing new escalators to replace the existing set on March 25.

And these are just a small section of the plans being undertaken by Canary Wharf Group Plc which involve the creation of a further layer of retail under Jubilee Place.

It will provide space to accommodate 22 units in the 42,000 sq ft space earmarked for new shops, as well as the addition of five new units for fashion and accessories on the current level.

And with workwear retailer Cos already signed up and more than 60 per cent of units already filled, or in the hands of solicitors, plans are steaming ahead for the extension's opening in November.

Camille Waxer, chief administrative officer at Canary Wharf Group, said shoppers would be able to walk through the newly-created second tier of the mall in three months' time, although the retail stores would not be open until November 1.

"There has been a lot of interest in the space and we are very pleased with it," she said.
"We have got some good ones [fashion and accessories retailers] we are hoping to get signed off in January.

"The retail will be similar to that on the existing Jubilee Place level, so it will be primarily fashion shops, but there is going to be one restaurant.

"We are always looking for something a little bit different, something we think will fit in with those who work and shop here. That's how we have leased Canary Wharf from the beginning."

Cos is the first store to be revealed - exclusively to The Wharf. The chain announces itself as "a fashion concept for men and women brings the design flair and quality of high fashion at ground level prices".

"We love Cos," said Camille. "It matches the profile of people that work here and its offer is a little bit different."

In addition to undertaking the transformation within Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf Group is also assisting with the development of Crossrail which will also see the first developments open to the public this year.

Camille said 2013 was the right time to push ahead with Jubilee Place Mall extension, building on a year that has seen increased footfalls in the mall and on the back of what is expected to be a successful Christmas period for their retailers.

"We have had planning permission since 2008 on this space. When the market changed in 2008, we decided to delay it.

"Now, with JP Morgan moving into its building and Shell bringing 2,000 people, we felt with the addition in population it was the right time to expand.

"We estimate that 19,000 people work directly above those shops in the mall."

And the impact of Westfield Stratford City just two stops away on the Tube?

Camille said: "We complement Westfield Stratford City and we work well with them - it all helps east London. We do have some duplicates but we tend to have different retailers."