Crossrail will offer Wharfers more than just transport

By Beth Allcock on January 9, 2013 3:31 PM |

Canary Wharf Crossrail Oversite Development (1).jpg

The Crossrail project will mean Wharfers can benefit from speedy transport links to and from the City from 2018.

But the development also promises a place where workers and visitors can indulge in their passion for leisure and food.

A restaurant will encompass 10,000 sq ft of the top floor in the surroundings of a landscaped park, while on a below-ground floor there will be a boutique cinema, specialised gym and another leisure provider, which cannot yet be revealed.


This "-2" level will be opened in 2013, five years before the first trains run through Crossrail in 2018, while the "-3" Floor, set to contain convenience stores and dry cleaners, will only be able to be accessed at the same time as Crossrail.

Canary Wharf Group's chief administrative officer Camille Waxer said of the proposed facilities: "What we would really like to do is have a base in leisure much more.

"We have quite an active programme of more than 180 leisure events during the year, most are free, and the Crossrail development will add to the leisure.

"It's very exciting we have got the two - Crossrail and Jubilee Place - going on, but they are very different.

"We wouldn't normally be working all at the same time but with this it's fine as they are very different operators."