Couple's faith in social task network pays off

By Beth Allcock on January 18, 2013 10:49 AM |


A Poplar couple who pooled their savings to fund the creation of a start-up company have seen their hard work rewarded with a six-figure investment.

Taskhub is the brain child of Aurore Hochard and Rahul Ahuja, who coordinate the online marketplace for jobs and services from a base near Tottenham Court Road.

Founded in January last year, the website works on the basis of allowing Londoners to post a job that needs doing alongside the rate they would like to pay, ranging from dog walking and flat cleaning to fixing windows or a cat flap.

The member then selects the best offer for them.

The initiative received backing from Telefonica in May, securing a place in its Wayra Academies scheme, with a major cash boost coming in the form of an undisclosed six-figure investment from the telecommunications firm this month, as well as a distribution partnership with O2.

Talking of the funding, which makes Taskhub the sole Wayra start-up to receive Telefonica's investment, Aurore said: "That was really exciting

"We have always been enthusiastic about the project, so much so we haven't taken a salary from one and a half years ago up until today.

"We took money we had saved up to buy a flat to Taskhub and getting the money has been good, because there is only so long you can last with your personal savings.

"And to have validation for what we do from such a big company is really encouraging.

"We have so many other ideas and plans for the future and it seems it is going to be easier with a group like Telefonica behind us."

Currently, only members and those who receive invites can post and bid for London-based services on Taskhub.

"There's two things really, the commercial one of I want something done, I'm willing to pay up to a certain price and if someone bids any more I don't have to go for the cheapest option," Aurore added.

"But the second is we want to work with charities and people who want to volunteer.

"It's giving back to the community and us trying to make this process nicer and easier so more people get to volunteer and get to interact with each other.

"The function of the group is to allow a stronger relationship between members within a community, that's the idea overall."

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