Cable car carrying just 3,000 people a day

By Rob Virtue on January 16, 2013 9:32 AM |


The Thames cable car has suffered its second to worst week for passenger figures.

The cross-river link carried 21,130 people last week, adding up to an average of 3,000 passengers a day, compared to the capacity for 5,000 an hour.

It comes following ridership increasing over the New Year week, when 45,192 went on the route between Silvertown and North Greenwich.

The lowest seven-day figure to date is 20,600, which came in the week ending December 15.

Transport for London has come under criticism for the passenger numbers on the cable car with many arguing it should be included in the Travelcard system to encourage more commuters to use it.

Last week, however, TfL denied the link had underperformed and said figures were "in line with expectation".