Blonde's Eye View: Leading a double life

By Rob Virtue on January 9, 2013 12:45 PM |


Angela Clarke has a secret side

I know a banker who tells fibs. He does it all the time. He just won't tell the truth about his job. Ask him where he works and he's very vague.

He explains he's fed up of defending banking.

So when asked what he does for a living, he lies. I wonder how many bankers are walking round pretending they work in accounting or IT, to avoid the confessing the truth?

I have an inkling of what it's like living a double life, and I wouldn't recommend it.

For three years I've written an anonymous column, Confessions Of A Fashionista, about working in the fashion industry.

For the last six months I've run an anonymous Twitter account for it as well. It's like having a split personality.

The opportunity for slip-ups is enormous, like when a friend drunkenly tweeted from her work account instead of her personal one.

She had to pretend to her boss they'd been hacked. You know, those well-known hackers that tweet about the night bus. Political activists - huh!

There are few things as heart stopping as your phone replying from your personal account to your secret one.

Apart from your friend accidentally outing your identity on Twitter or Facebook.

Social media shouldn't be this stressful. I was promised fun, frivolity and re-tweets.

The problem is anything that you can access easily after a few Sancerre's is bound to cause trouble. And all that's before you get to the arguments.

Hubby already moaned I spent more time playing with my phone than I did talking to him.

Running two accounts was a full time job. At least the bankers are paid for their subterfuge.