Wharfers help Waitrose to spread festive cheer

By Beth Allcock on December 14, 2012 10:29 AM |


Wharfers' shopping trips have helped to put smiles on the faces of pensioners in the East End.

As part of the Community Matters scheme at Waitrose Canary Wharf, shoppers select one of three charities to receive a share of a £1,000 funding pot each month.

For December's efforts, the programme was also linked up with the store's Partner Volunteer Scheme, allowing staff to help out at organisations and still be paid for their hours.

Afternoons spent playing bingo, drinking tea and socialising are highlights for members of the Globe Town Pensioners, which bases its activities at Eastbourne House, Bethnal Green.

And Wharfers voted for the group to receive a £375 portion of the £1,000 funding in October.

Club founder Elaine Sadler then enlisted the help of 10 Waitrose volunteers to host a sparkling party for the pensioners, complete with Christmas music, a visit from the Pearly Kings and Queens, a festive buffet and a bingo game.

As a special surprise, each member could chose either a Christmas Pudding or box of biscuits to take home.

Terri Boyce, community liaison officer at Waitrose Canary Wharf, said: "The party was a massive success.

"The pensioners loved the food and danced the afternoon away.

"We were told by one of the guests that the party would be the talk of the East End and lots of guests said the party had made their Christmas.

"Our partners thoroughly enjoyed their time with the pensioners and left the party feeling very humbled."