Westferry Road closed after pedestrian run over

By Rob Virtue on December 18, 2012 5:36 PM |

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Police closed Westferry Road on Tuesday afternoon after a pedestrian was hit by a car and left with serious head injuries.

Officers were called to the scene, at the junction of Strafford Street, at around 4.30pm. The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance following the accident.

A spokesman for London Ambulance Service said the 38-year-old had a "low-level of consciousness" at the scene.

However, a police spokesman said the injuries were not thought to be life threatening.

The road on the Isle of Dogs was still closed into the evening while officers carried out their investigations.

Witnesses say the victim was on the pedestrian crossing at the time of the collision. However, police are yet to reveal whether any arrests have been made.


Michael said:

Firstly it's Tuesday - quite key when describing news don't you think

Secondly it is a female with a serious head injury, not a male

Thirdly and most important it was a hit and run - Red Audi didn't even try to stop

Michael said:

Firstly it's Tuesday - quite key when describing news don't you think

Secondly it is a female with a serious head injury, not a male

Thirdly and most important it was a hit and run - Red Audi didn't even try to stop

Johnny said:

Quite a lot of cars are going at very high speed on the narrow Westferry Road. It's about time to bring in strict traffic regulations before more accidents happen

Abbey said:

Attention Rob
Please amend the date and other particulars, she is in serious condition and not as mildly as you put it.she is a parent of our local school.

Dave said:

Let's not start the "strict regulations" bit. The accident happened within 200m of two speed cameras. These have be proven to distract drivers (even twits in BMWs and Audis) taking their eyes off the road. There's enough (too much) distraction - let's not put more on. The silly 20mph drag all they way up East Ferry Road is ridiculous, for example (as admitted by the council, it was never meant to go up that far - to Asda). Hardly anyone does 20mph along the road, and those who do, then get overtaken by BMWs. Not even the buses do 20mph.
I cycled past the scene of the accident yesterday an there are a number of factors involved, including the (a) the speed camera (b) cars illegally parked outside the Barkentine clinic, (c) cars parked illegally outside the clifton supermarket, (d) bad street lighting, (e) typical German car driver...
Anyway, best wishes to the pedestrian involved, but let's not start a knee-jerk SPEED, SPEED, SPEED thing. (and I'm a cyclist!).

David said:

People constantly drive like idiots along Westferry Road (both cars and motorbikes), unfortunately it was only a matter of time before something like this happened (again).

The sensible thing to do would be to put speed bumps along the entire road, the same as on Manchester Road. Speed cameras do nothing except make people hit the brakes before, then speed away just after.

Given how many schools and pedestrians there are along Westferry Road (and on the IoD in general) it amazes me that the council haven't already done this.

Mike said:

Speeding is (in my opinion) a huge issue on Westferry Road and Marsh Wall, with people very clearly exceeding the limit and overtaking dangerously.

Furthermore, I've been physically threatened by a lout of a van driver right near this zebra crossing. I was 2/3 the way across the street when the driver slammed on his brakes got out of his van and threatened to punch me for "getting in his ****ing way"

I would welcome the police taking action against motorists who completely disregard the speed limit, who do not stop at zebra crossings (especially the one mentioned above, its a problem) and who drive in an aggressive manner.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the pedestrian involved last night.

David said:

The police will never allow speed humps on westferry road because they need it for access to the other side of the island where all the trouble seems to be.
Offending motorists should have their driving licences removed and made to take the driving test again. However, this will have little effect as most drivers in London cannot drive and 50% of drivers are not insured, taxed or mot'd.

Syeda said:

Was there a D7 bus that got turned over?

Syeda said:

Was there a D7 Bus that got turned over?

phil said:

I agree with the comment on improperly parked cars. Westferry Road from the Barkantine to the new Tesco is a chicane most of the time.
The new Tesco seems to have no option but to have their delivery trucks obstruct the road.

Pete said:

It's NOT speed as such that causes the issues. Certainly in the section of the road we are talking about, it's pretty difficult to speed, given the chicane of parked cars (legal and illegal), road islands etc. There are already three speed cameras there. It's purely bad drivers. HOWEVER, it's unlikely they will be caught as the police are sitting in their comfortable BMWs cruising around.
It's easy enough to spot the stupid drivers - I bet I will be able to spot 10 when cycling to work:
- parking on the zip-zags outside the schools
- mobile phones on
- front fog lights on ('cause it's cool)
- blacked out windows
- illegal number plates
easy indicators of the types of people likely to drive like nutters.
It's not just limited to cars, though. We had the Darwin award winner on a motorbike/scooter doing some 70mph before slamming in to the side of a car further down Westferry Road, luckily not killing a third-party.
If we don't increase the police presence - on foot or bike - we'll never clear these people out.

rafman said:

Lest be honest, this is a result of backhander planning by an extreemist council