Poplar Fire Station under threat of closure

By Rob Virtue on December 17, 2012 11:13 AM |


Plans to shut fire stations in Tower Hamlets have been called "reckless" by opponents after Poplar became the latest in the area to be considered for closure due to Government cuts.

With Bethnal Green also added to a list of those earmarked to be shut, over half of the fire stations in the borough now face an uncertain future.

Bow and Whitechapel were stations already under scrutiny.

Tower Hamlets Labour Party saw the latest plans in a recent London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority document.

It says there are two options. The first is for Whitechapel and Bow to be axed - costing the borough four fire engines - while the second is for Bethnal Green, Poplar and Whitechapel to go, which would see three emergency vehicles lost.

Labour's spokesperson for Safer Borough, Cllr Abdal Ullah, said: "These Tory cuts are absolutely beyond belief. Protecting residents has to be the number one priority of any elected politician, these reckless cuts will put lives at risk.

"To propose closing two fire stations in Tower Hamlets was dangerous but now to see up to three separate fire stations threatened with closure is nothing but reckless cost cutting without any regard for residents.

"Labour will campaign against these cuts with everything we have, working with anyone who will join with us. We all accept that they have to be budget cuts in some areas, what we do not accept is that public safety should be put at risk by those decisions."