Huge duck comes to Canary Wharf to promote fun

By Rob Virtue on December 11, 2012 12:16 PM |

big duck 480.jpg

Pictured under the busy offices of Canary Wharf - a 50ft rubber duck makes its way along the Thames to The O2.

floating duck220jpg.jpg

The huge rubber bird sailed along the river as part of a publicity stunt by bingo fim

The company is launching its 'Facebook FUNdaton' offering grants and rewards for daft ideas.

Its aim is to 'encourage Britain to have more fun'.

And what better way than by putting a huge rubber duck in the river.

It passed Canary Wharf at 8.30am on Tuesday before turning round and heading back to Tower Bridge - taking all the fun with it.


kim said:

Don't get fooled!
What an awfull replica of Hofmans beautiful Rubber Duck art project.
How banal and cheap to copy such a pure and engaging project, shame on Jackpotjoy commercial greed!

Ellie Platt said:

Not fun when you're stuck in rush hour traffic and the blue bridge goes up, think a bit more practically!

Anna said:

Loved it! Took a picture and sent it to hubby.
It was an office lol that morning! We need more little things like this. Congrats