Tower Hamlets headteacher pens open letter to Ofqual

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The principal of a Tower Hamlets school has joined forces with four of her peers and put pen to paper in a letter accusing an examinations watchdog of ignoring the findings of its own investigation.

The open letter to Glenys Stacey, chief executive of Ofqual, has been written in a response to this summer's GCSE English marking fiasco.

Kenny Frederick, headteacher at George Green's School is one of the signatories, who also include Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Headteachers.

The letter accuses the exam regulator of over-reliance on the testimony of off-duty teachers on discussion forums to support its claim that thousands of pupils' scripts were over-marked.

It also challenges Ofqual to make public a report prepared by business consultancy Capgemini.

The letter states: "It strikes us as odd that very little of what Capgemini found actually appears in the final Ofqual report.

"We note also that the Capgemini report has not been published at all and your report relies heavily on comments from the TES teachers' forum.

"We don't believe this is enough of a basis to make the conclusions you have made.

"Social media should not be used in this way."

Ms Frederick said: "We think this report that Ofqual has commissioned - and apparently quietly buried - should be made available to teachers, parents and pupils so they can judge the evidence for themselves.

"Unless we see that evidence we can only conclude Ofqual has based its findings on gossip cut-and-pasted from an internet chat room. That is not credible evidence and does a huge disservice to all those young people who were given D grades in their English GCSE when they deserved a C grade or better."