Police rescue crew after narrowboat sinks on River Thames

By Beth Allcock on August 28, 2012 1:03 PM |


AN evening trip on the River Thames quickly turned to disaster for a crew of five adults and a dog, who were rescued from a narrowboat on a stretch of water near to Canary Wharf.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police and the Marine Policing Unit were called to the sinking vessel just before 5.30pm on Friday, and found it was already taking on water.

It became completely submerged just minutes later.

Police rescued three people and a dog, named Gus, while two others were taken from the water by a London RIB Experience Boat.

The female owner of the narrowboat, along with four males, were taken to hospital as a precaution and later discharged.

The dog was also uninjured.

Inspector Tania Martin of the MPS Marine Policing Unit, said: "The Thames is a dangerous river especially in mid-flow where the tidal stream can carry a person away below the surface in seconds.

"The five people were not wearing life jackets, were weighed down with shoes and clothing and were in shock from the cold water and a vessel sinking.

"What appeared to be a relatively safe hop across the river between marinas has turned into a potentially life-threatening situation in a matter of seconds.

"Both RIB Voyages and police crews recognised the potentially fatal situation and demonstrated great composure and control to carry out this rescue."