Lutfur Rahman: Thanking the many forces

By Jon Massey on August 22, 2012 4:38 PM |

By Lutfur Rahman

lutfurrahman.jpgIn common with so many people, I am finding it just a little bit difficult to acclimatise now that the great London Olympic Games has finally ended.

Of course we still have the Paralympics but right now I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of those in our borough who did so much to make the Games the success they have been.

First and foremost, I should like to thank our ever cheerful, ever helpful volunteers and all of the public service workers who stepped into the breach to help deliver a safe and secure Olympics.

As much as I will never forget the spectacular opening event, replete with its own debt of honour to our National Health Service, neither will I forget our own thank you to the armed forces who so quickly became part and parcel of our East End community.

As the Games ended, I joined Commodore Martin Atherton in Wapping Rose Garden to bid farewell to the forces, as they lowered the flag accompanied by music from the Royal Marines.

I was proud to announce Tower Hamlets' support for a Community Covenant with the Forces guaranteeing fair treatment for servicemen and women when they return to the borough after active service.

This to my mind is the very least we can do to thank the Forces for helping to make the Olympics as successful as they were.

■ Lutfur Rahman is executive mayor of Tower Hamlets