Fancy neck for office fashion

By Beth Allcock on August 29, 2012 4:50 PM |


Formal fashion has undergone a revolution, with a statement range that will banish stuffy shirts and unflattering necklines to the style sin-bin.

Yes, there will still be difficult decisions for us ladies, should we go for the pencil skirt, pleats or for the rather more daring - leather - but the top half of our workwear wardrobe is covered, courtesy of Tower Hamlets designer Feyi Olufisibe.


Gone will be your dreary clothes rails, stuffed with designs boasting creased collars, restrictive top buttons and bunched-up material around the neckline and chest, which serve only to bury your best Tiffany necklace in the process.

Banished are the styles that make you feel more frumpy than fine and the silhouettes that offer up an image more akin to a sack of Desirees rather than the perfect hourglass.

Indeed, the 29-year-old founder of high-end shirt range Fancy Neck, said her ambition is to get everyone looking fabulous, whether you're sitting behind a desk, off for that all-important business meeting or going for coffee with friends.

Feyi's inspiration for her unique shirts, which feature a flattering scoop neckline, sleek collar and tailored fit, came from a certain style guru who, without a doubt, has the highest claim to the customising crown - Gok Wan.

"I have always had an eye for fashion," she said.

"I am one of those people that when I go shopping I know what I want, but I can never find it.

"I love wearing shirts and I have got lots of T M Lewin ones, I have always liked wearing them but I'm not very good at ironing so I never know what to do with the flappy bit and the collar.

"I watch a lot of Gok's Fashion Fix and in most of the episodes he was cutting up fabric and I just thought hmm, maybe I can do that to my shirts.

"So I picked up one, cut off the collar and excess bits and thought, that's actually quite good."

She added: "Every shop you go to, a lot of the shirts are the same as they're in the form of men's shirts, so I thought this was a nice idea for a women's shirt.

"It is fashion for professional women, people that maybe work in the city or businesswomen in areas like Canary Wharf, and anyone that likes high-end fashion.

"Even if you're not a professional but do like high end fashion, its aimed for those ladies as well, it's for people that want to look different to the crowd and stand out."

Just a year after her first creative attempt in 2010, which saw her hack off the collar and into the neckline of a much-loved pink design, Feyi's first collection - a nine-piece range of long and short-sleeved tailored treats - was available on the online shelves.

And this summer marked the expansion of her collection with seven new lines, and a venture into the market of the classic white shirt.

All very impressive for a self-confessed fashion beginner, who juggled online sewing classes with her current role as a business analyst for GlaxoSmithKline.

"It has been brilliant, you know how people say television rots the brain, I've gone from watching the show to having my own company," she said.

"For me, it has been overwhelming, I thought where am I going to get the money to fund it, but I have done everything with my own money and friends and family chipping in.

"I'm still trying to get my head around it, it has just happened so quickly.

"I had a call from a lady on Sunday, she had ordered three shirts, and I thought why would she be calling on a weekend.

"She called just to say how much she loves the shirts and I actually had tears in my eyes.

"It's just really pleasing to have someone giving them praise.

"I just hope people like them as much as I do"

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