Boris hangs around with Arnie


London Mayor Boris Johnson has hung around with some VIPs in recent days but at the weekend he hit new heights when he shared his second favourite mode of transport with Hollywood legend and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnie was in town to watch the Olympic Games and promote his new movie The Expendables 2 and the mayor wasted no time in showing off the Emirates Air Line, a feat of engineering built by the muscleman's fellow Austrians.

Arnie said: "I love coming to London and the energy here right now is amazing. The Olympics have been thrilling to watch, and the City has really stepped up to the plate to highlight the greatness of athletic spirit.

"So, riding the Emirates Air Line, walking around the city with Boris, and seeing his dedication to creating great infrastructure to accommodate people from around the globe has been an unbelievable experience."

On average since the start of the London Games, more than 20,000 flights have been taken on the Emirates Air Line each day. The cable car - built by Austrian company Doppelmayr beat its all time passenger numbers record on Saturday, with 31,964 journeys.

Boris last met with Arnie in March 2011, when the pair went out for a spin on Barclays Cycle Hire bikes after discussing green issues at City Hall.

The mayor said: "When Arnold said he would be back this summer, I had absolutely no reason to doubt him. Last year we took in the views around City Hall on two wheels, this year we've seen the entire skyline from what is without doubt a feat of Austro-British engineering.

"I was pleased to be able to highlight not just of the beauty of London, but of the huge investment opportunities that exist in the east of the capital and beyond. It's no wonder that more than half a million people have taken in the awesome views that the Emirates Air Line offers."