Another 2012 festival packs up

By Giles Broadbent on August 10, 2012 1:12 PM |


After the failure of London Pleasure Gardens and Greenwich's Peninsula festival, another pop-up has thrown in the towel.

Regeneration scheme Industri[us] held a site next to Canning Town station and looked to profit on the footfall between the transport hub and the Excel centre. But, as LPG discovered, everyone was either focussed getting to the Games or staying away.

The Festival of upcycling, operated by Fluid, was also a beneficiary of the Meanwhile London competition, like LPG, and has decided to evaluate the future viability of the project after Newham refused emergency funding.

A statement on its website said: "We wanted to make sure we were giving our fantastic bands and upcyclers the very best promotion possible and realised we were trying to do too much in too short a time frame.

"So we came to the hard decision to postpone [the events] for a few weeks when we can really do all these wonderful contributors justice."

Fluid director Christina Norton told the Architects Journal: "We have closed the site for the rest of the month while we take stock and plan ahead.

"There is no point continuing with the plan we had for the Olympic period so we've decided to close for that period and look at how we can develop our model."

A spokesman for Newham Borough Council said: "Both Industri[us] and the London Pleasure Gardens have been a victim of the success of Games organisers in getting visitors to and from the Excel centre so efficiently.

"We raised those concerns with Games organisers and have seen some improvement. The Meanwhile London winners were chosen on the basis of their vision and business planning over the longer time, not just Games time."