Tourists caught in cable car breakdown

By Rob Virtue on July 25, 2012 12:34 PM |


Cable car visitors were trapped 90 metres in the air when the Emirates Air Line broke down on Wednesday morning.

Some were said to have spent up to an hour in sweltering cabins over the Thames. After the breakdown they were reported to have been met at the gates by workers offering bottles of water.

Those affected by the problems on the link between North Greenwich and Silvertown took to Twitter to talk about the situation.

@AlastairHackney wrote: "London Emirates cable car has broken down and we're dangling mid air over the docks -- seem to be evacuating..."

@Cassamlooch, who was in the queue at the time of the problems, wrote: "Cable car has broken down! Passengers stuck up there. Rumours of it being too hot. Jeez."

Some claimed they were told the stoppage was caused by the hot weather, with temperatures above 30 degrees in east London.

By 12.30pm the cable car was operating again. Transport for London is investigating the breakdown.