Lutfur Rahman: We have a good story to tell

By Jon Massey on July 25, 2012 10:48 AM |

By Lutfur Rahman

lutfurrahman.jpgNo fewer than 27,000 media people descended on London for the Games. They have looked at the borough with fresh eyes; they have seen our history and tried to discern our future. They can see we have a good story to tell, not least because of the census figures that showed Tower Hamlet's population had the biggest growth in the country over the last decade.

We don't just want visitors during the Games, we also want to rebrand Tower Hamlets as a place that people want to live and a place where investors can be successful.

We can't claim credit for the Olympic Park, the DLR, Crossrail and the road developments that shifted London's centre of gravity eastwards, but I point out they demonstrate the essential role of government in building infrastructure and reshaping our cities.

But this has been done in partnership with forward thinking and socially responsible businesses that have worked with us to build the borough.

We can be proud of what local government has done to improve our homes and make them affordable for those who might be squeezed out by gentrification.

I am not against "gentrification" rather I want everyone to share in it.

■ Lutfur Rahman is executive mayor of Tower Hamlets


Anonymous said:

Lutfur Rahman you can not claim credit for anythig positive in the borough