London City gets Royal visit for anniversary

By Rob Virtue on July 31, 2012 12:02 PM |


The Queen returned to City Airport this week, 25 years after opening the same terminal building.

She and the Duke of Edinburgh unveiled a plaque at the site to mark the anniversary on Saturday as part of a tour of east London.

The day also saw her visit the Olympic Park less than 24 hours after skydiving in to the stadium - if Danny Boyle's opening ceremony is to be believed.

At the airport, which she opened in 1987, a year after the Prince of Wales lay the foundation stone, she met a Paralympian swimmer who is sponsored by London City.

Amy Marren, 13, from Hornchurch in Essex, will be taking part in three events at the Games following the Olympics.

Later that day, the Queen went to the top of the AncelorMittal Orbit sculpture to meet Anish Kapoor, who designed the structure. From there she looked over the park from 377ft.