Isle of Dogs gets 1Gb internet speeds

By Rob Virtue on July 17, 2012 5:41 PM |


After years of suffering with derisory internet speeds, some long suffering residents of the Isle of Dogs have become the first to receive 1Gb broadband - about four hundred times faster than the previous norm.

Lanterns Court was the initial block in the area to benefit when it went live on Monday.

So far nearly 100 units of the 600 homes in the block have been hooked up before any marketing has even taken place.

Hyperoptic's director of sales and marketing Brian Doherty said: "The demand has come from those living in the developments. Residents here come from all over the world where they are used to these types of connections.

"The feedback we were getting previously were the speeds were terrible and there was no point in having internet. This changes all that."

In October, Wandsworth saw the first development linked to the high speeds thanks to Hyperoptic, the only internet service provider in the country to offer 1Gb downloads.

Internet connections for the Isle of Dogs come from Poplar Exchange where historically the performance of copper based broadband has been negatively impacted by long distances and interference from the docks, with the average speed as low as 2.5Mb per second.


BT recently put in fibre technology to increase the capabilities giving internet service providers the chance to offer much quicker and more reliable speeds by connecting from the cabinet points direct into individual apartments.

Serviced apartment group, City Nites, which has units in Lanterns Court, has had the 1Gb service installed in all 29 of its units in the building and is offering it to all its customers free of charge.

Corporate sales manager Dee Hollinsworth said: "A lot of business travellers stay around here and it's a big issue to have fast internet access."

Hyperoptic has further plans to expand the offering throughout Docklands.

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