Food Review: Jimmy's World Grill

By Rob Virtue on July 16, 2012 12:13 PM |


Jimmy's World Grill at The O2

Jimmy's is the sweet shop of the restaurant world and an ideal place to take those fussy eating companions.

"Eat as much as you want." Words that are alien to the Wharfer as we tirelessly hunt the restaurants, cafes and shops for value.

Estate inhabitants normally can't get to the till quick enough if they see a sandwich for under £3. But now, food fans, there's a new outlet in town. An all you can eat extravaganza.

Jimmy's World Grill And Bar has, until recently, been restricted to those lucky populations of places such as Derby, Peterborough, Staines and Milton Keynes. Just a month ago, however, it opened its doors inside The O2.

It is the buffet the hungry hordes have been crying out for in a venue that wouldn't look out of place in Las Vegas.

Metal containers full of curries and Chinese dishes, a glass cabinet filled with fried chicken, shelves of sushi and a host of desserts complete with chocolate fountain.


Not enough? Of course not, so chefs are dotted around to cook in front of you. Order pizza, pasta, a stir fry, a burrito or a naan bread and they will rustle it up for you.

Go to the ice cream stand and rather than give you a dollop, a chef will shape it into a square and hammer your choice of sweets into it. It's lunchtime theatre. A culinary circus.

Think twice about taking your wife there for your anniversary but if you've got your kids in tow then this will keep them quiet for a good hour.

Wining and dining a client? Unless it's Mr Creosote and you're on a budget I'd give it a miss.

However, it's a perfect venue for a lunch with the team, especially if you have diverse tastes.

There were a couple of hiccups. Firstly, it's a restaurant version of a Tardis. You don't think you can miss a 400-seater venue among a 200m stretch of outlets that is The O2, do you? But the solitary door next to the Indigo2 means you have to be pretty observant.

And as for the food, if you want Michelin quality head elsewhere. It's a jack of all trades and serves up pretty standard dishes that struggle to tantalise the taste buds. However, you'd need super-strength powers of resistance not to eat yourself silly.

It's £9.99 for a lunch, up to £16.99 for dinners and kids eat half price. You can certainly get your money's worth if you can stomach it.

Jimmy's World Grill And Bar, Millenium Way, Greenwich, SE10 0DX,


Raj said:

Went with all my family and had a great night. Food was value for money and staff was friendly. Would be coming back again!

roberts said:

Very dodgy charges.Was told 15% off all nhs staff who come.33 turns up hut only get 50 pounds max.Its a rule made up on the spot themselves even the web said nothing about max for six person or fifty pound..Have to get it to be consiVery dissapointed and embarassed .Also kids under four eats free but they made a last minute rule to limit only two