Boris gets river crossing backing

By Rob Virtue on June 27, 2012 12:10 PM |


The Government has thrown its weight behind proposals for a tunnel at Silvertown to ease congestion on the streets of east and south-east London.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening designated the cross-river scheme a nationally significant infrastructure project.

Mayor Boris Johnson, who applied for the order, said the backing would reduce the red tape needed for the tunnel and make it more likely to be open by the target of 2021.

"This decision is a major step forward for the Silvertown Tunnel, an important new Thames River crossing which would reduce congestion and boost economic growth in this important development area of London," said the Mayor.

"I welcome the Secretary of State's decision, which recognises the need for continued investment and the important role played by London's transport network in supporting economic development and growth, in the capital and right across the UK."

Transport for London is currently working on designs for the tunnel, which will link Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, and will consult on the proposals later this year.


Anonymous said:

Another tunnel, will not solve the congestion issues.

Having been a London driver for 20 years, I have seen traffic increase. I simply cannot use the car during rush hour.

Everytime we build moe capacity, it only attract more cars.

Building another tunnel, which appears logical to deal with traffic, wwill haev the counter effect. As people who live in Kent, will hop in the car, as there is suddenly the capacity in the tunnel, but the traffic will get clogged up elsewhere.

At 5-7pm traffic is standstill. 10-15 years ago, when roads where single lane, you could move and I even took my car regularly into the WestEnd without stress. Today, it is totally opposite.

Teh same thing has happend to the A13, North Circular and Limehouse link tunnel.

Adding an extra ferry at Woolwich option.