Book Review: Payback Time, Geraint Anderson

By Jon Massey on June 25, 2012 5:08 PM |


Payback Time, by Geraint Anderson
Headline, £12.99

While Cityboy has managed to quell his lust for the absurd, his characters are too shallow to care about.

I loathed Anderson's last novel, doling out one star for the feat of actually putting pen to paper.

So I was slightly surprised to receive an extremely polite email from the columnist behind the Cityboy pieces in The London Paper (mists clearing?), asking whether I'd like a review copy of his most recent effort.

Curious, I answered in the affirmative.

The good news is, Payback Time, or at least the four fifths I've managed to scrape my eyes over, is an improvement on Just Business. Sadly, it's not much of one.

While Anderson has managed to tone down his fetish for the preposterous, this tale of a group of friends, who, with limited evidence, quickly place all the blame for one of their number's apparent suicide at the door of the not too subtly named Geldlust Bank, remains profoundly confused.

They agree they hate the banks fleecing the common man and making millions at others' expense.

So logically they decide to do more or less the same to the bank, avenging their buddy by making a killing with some dodgy dealing.

Nobody ends up on the moral high ground - all need to be lined up against the wall.

But this isn't my main complaint.

After spending significant time with them I simply don't care about Anderson's characters.

Even though some City boys and girls may have the depth of a rapidly evaporating puddle; if you fill a book with such vapid folk it's unlikely to stir the reader enough to avoid your tome being cast down unfinished.