Review: In The Night Garden Live, The O2

In The Night Garden Live
The O2

A thoroughly enjoyable event my daughter loved despite losing a balloon, writes Michael Murray

For those not familiar with ITNG, it is a children's TV series, aimed at children aged from one to four.

Created by Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood both of whom co-created Teletubbies.

The main characters are Iggle piggle, Makka Pakka, Upsy daisy, The Tombliboos and many more. They are brightly coloured to capture young children's imagination.

On arriving at The O2 my two-year-old daughter squealed with delight at seeing the four 30-foot high Haahoos standing guard outside the show dome. She was mesmerized.

Entering the dome, a huge inflatable tent where the ITNG show takes place, at 9.45am was straightforward - no queues and plenty of space for the buggies.

I was presented with a nice souvenir activity brochure as a memento (worth £6) and the voice of Derek Jacob, who narrates the TV series reminded us there were only five minutes to go, so we took our seats.

Starting at 10am sharp the show started with the familiar ITNG theme tune.

Makka Pakka was the first to appear (my right ear is still ringing from my daughter's high pitched squeal), then Iggle Piggle did a dance and finally Upsy Daisy (my daughter's favourite).

The look on my daughter's face made it all worthwhile, pointing, squealing, and dancing; she was having a fantastic time.

Puppeteers controled smaller versions of the characters, which were less entertaining than the actors in suits.

The full-size characters all came on together for the finale and a final chance to take photos (with no flash).

When the children realised the show was over quite a few started to cry (mine included).

The show lasted 55 minutes - ideal for the little ones who get fidgety after 20 minutes.

On leaving we were confronted by a wall of merchandise, DVD's, Umbrellas, Puzzles, books, Soft Toys, Balloons and more

It could work out expensive if you have two or three ITNG fans, at £15 per photo for a meet and greet with your favourite character it is not cheap as well as the plethora of merchandise.

We settled on a light up windmill and a helium balloon instead - something that would last.

The enjoyment with the balloon did not last long, however, as soon as we were outside my daughter let it go.

Up, up and away, it could be over the Russian Urals by now - bye bye £8.

All in all though it was an excellent day out, which my daughter thoroughly enjoyed.

She will no doubt want to see the show again when it returns to The O2.

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Anthony Taylor said:

Having read your review I feel like finally introducing my one-year-old son to the indulgences of the kids TV world, so that one day I can take him to the same show. Sounds like really good fun!!!