Council urged to return 2012 tickets

By Rob Virtue on May 14, 2012 10:19 AM |


Tower Hamlets Council has been slammed for spending over £40,000 on Olympic and Paralympic tickets and has been urged to return them to the public ballot.

The purchases include seats for the much-coveted men's 100m final, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

The tickets for each ceremony alone are priced at £995 each.

Zara Davis, the Conservative councillor for Millwall who uncovered the council's stash of 400 tickets, said she was "astonished" it was given preferential access to the seats when thousands of Londoners have missed out on ballots.

"What is even more frustrating for the residents of Tower Hamlets, is that the Council has claimed it is short of money and needs to cut back on important services like our libraries and our parks, yet it is willing to lavish £42,000 on buying Olympic tickets," she added.

"Indeed, recently the Council announced that it would be hiring out our public parks for weddings and corporate events in order to raise additional income, even though this means that local residents and sports teams will be prevented from using the parks during these corporate hires."