Traffic Light Tree to stay on the Island

By Rob Virtue on March 16, 2012 12:32 PM |

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The iconic Traffic Light Tree will not be returning to Westferry but will be given a new home nearby.

Tower Hamlets Council is running feasibility studies into two sites. The first is in Millwall Park and the second is on the roundabout by Billingsgate Fish Market, leading away from Canary Wharf.

The iconic piece of art, made up of 75 flashing lights, was moved from the Westferry Road roundabout towards the end of last year when redevelopment work began on the area.

Transport for London has ruled it cannot return as it is putting in a new pedestrian crossing with real traffic lights on the site.

Councillor Gloria Thienel, who has been working with the council to find the tree a new home, said: "I fought hard to keep it on the Island and am happy with the two locations.

"We don't want it somewhere it can be vandalised or interfere with traffic and I feel both these sites are right."

The council is now studying which area would be best for the tree. No date has been given on when the report will be completed.

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Dave said:

"Traffic Light Tree to stay on the Island"
well, "roundabout by Billingsgate Fish Market" is NOT on the Island....

Laura said:

Has this been placed anywhere yet? I can't see any updates since March 2012?