Delta Beach plans approved by Greenwich

By Rob Virtue on February 13, 2012 1:22 PM |

Delta Beach.jpg

Greenwich Peninsula is set to have a party beach this summer after plans were passed through for an outdoor live entertainment area.

The site at Delta Wharf, to the west of the peninsula, could be transformed as early as May despite concerns from nearby residents over noise.

Greenwich Council's licensing committee heard the proposal last Wednesday after applicant Orange Connections scaled down previous plans to host events for up to 20,000 people.

The agreed plans see food and drinks sold and up to 3,500 people watching music and sports shows.

For the Olympics it will be used for private functions for up to 500 people.

The proposals were criticised by residents in Greenwich, as well as some on the Isle of Dogs, who were concerned about noise levels.

Tower Hamlets Conservative Councillor Peter Golds said: "We really must look at what will happen.

"The noise management will help but if it's too noisy we will push for a review of the agreement."

A spokesman for Greenwich Council called it a "tremendous opportunity" to boost tourism.

He added the council was focused on limiting disruption for nearby residents.

"The licensing approval granted for the Beach at Delta Wharf is subject to strict conditions with regard to its operating hours, the serving of alcohol and the management of the event," he said.

"The organisers are required to have a detailed noise management plan and the premises will not be allowed to operate until that plan has been approved by the Royal Borough of Greenwich."