Victims of Canary Wharf terror attack remembered

By Rob Virtue on February 6, 2012 12:02 PM |


Friends and family of those killed in the IRA bombing of Canary Wharf gathered at the graveside of one of the victims to mark the 16th anniversary of the attack.

The memorial service took place just after Prime Minister David Cameron repeated his support for a campaign calling on compensation from Libya for providing Semtex used in the blast.

On Friday, the group visited the resting place of Inam Bashir who, along with co-worker John Jeffries, died directly as a result of the blast at South Quay in 1996.

The two men were working at Newsstop2000 when the bomb went off.

A regular in the shop at the time, Janice Rowlands said: "We knew the boys in the shop very well. They were lovely boys and my two little girls would often go to the shop after school to buy their sweets from them.

"I still miss them and have really never got over their death."

Jonathan Ganesh, who was working as a security guard on the evening of the attack, added: "Inam and John were very loved by all within our community in the East End as we have never forgotten them. I still missed them both, they did not deserve to be murdered in this despicable manner."

Inam's brother, Ihsan said he was grateful for those who attended the memorial, as well as those who have backed a campaign for compensation.

"It is a credit to the humanity of the people of east London who did not forget my brother Inam and John," he said.

"I will never forget their kindness and compassion. Inam and John would have been so proud of them all.

"They have courageously fought for justice against Gaddafi and his regime who I hold responsible for the murder of my brother and all the innocent people who were killed."

In a letter last month to the campaign for compensation Mr Cameron said dealing with issues resulting from the actions of Gaddafi's regime was a "top priority".

The Prime Minister ruled out using frozen assets from the previous Libyan government for compensation as he said these belong to the Libyan people.

However, he added "we will engage the new Libyan Government on the case for voluntarily setting aside assets".

He said: "I am absolutely clear that co-operation on these issues must not be subordinate to other security or commercial interests, or put onto the back burner, and I agree with you that we should use our influence to move these issues to a

Last year, during the Libyan revolution, chairman of the National Transitional Council of Libya, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, signed an agreement with the lawyer representing IRA victims that it would look into compensation packages for those injured and the families of those killed by Libyan-supplied Semtex in IRA attacks.


A Non said:

It is good to see the victims of Gaddafi's semtex are finally about to receive compensation although sad they were not treated fairly by the US or UK governments when the case was taken in the US.

They have had to wait too long but it's good to see their wait is over. Well done to all those who have worked so hard to secure justice for the innocent victims.

Sel said:

Its great to see that the campaign for compensation is now being treated as a top priority for David Cameron. Maybe now justice will finally be done.

emma said:

Gaddafi and his regime should never worked with the IRA terrorist to kill and injury so many innocent people.

Martin said:

The innocent victims of IRA violence have suffered a terrible injustice and realistically should have been compensated a long time ago.

Martin said:

The innocent victims of IRA violence have suffered a terrible injustice and realistically should have been compensated a long time ago.

Lloyd Hawat said:

Hasn't this been going on since 2009? Whats the hold up? The victims will be dead and buried before anyone pays a penny!