Green Living: Get walking

By Jon Massey on January 11, 2012 2:55 PM |

By Andrew Williams


There are statistics available telling us which is the unhappiest day of the year. There is some loose psychology behind this, and a lot of disagreement on the precise date, but in 2012 the dubious honour falls to this Sunday. The theory is that a perfect storm of cold weather, post-Christmas debt, and failed resolutions conspire to make us miserable.

I don't put too much faith in this, but if you do feel in need of a pick-me-up there are plenty of great ways to beat the blues without spending too much.

After a long Christmas filled with food, drink and endless chocolates, just getting out and moving could be a good start.

Every year many of us will pay an eye-watering amount to join gyms which we visit, at best infrequently.

The cheaper alternative is to walk more, eat less and cut out the obvious villains in our lifestyles.

By getting off the bus a stop early you can keep yourself in better shape. If we were in Milton Keynes we might have an excuse not to walk more, but here in the Wharf we're surrounded by great architecture, breathtaking nature and the might of the Thames.

What we eat has a huge impact on our health and by choosing our food more carefully we can avoid waste without expanding our waists.

Air emissions play a big part in the sustainable debate, but not inflicting our fumes on others is a good start for the smokers among us.

By cutting down or out we'll help ourselves and those around us. As the sadness passes let's look forward to a better 2012.

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