Revised fare increases are "scandalous" says Biggs

aa-nov12-oysterCUT.jpgBoris Johnson's revised fare increases on public transport have been described as "scandalous".

The Mayor of London unveiled the revised cost of using public transport in the capital today, following the Government's injection of £136million towards reducing the above inflation increases.

It means a single journey from zone one to zone two will cost £2.70, up from £2.50, an eight per cent rise. London Assembly member for City and East John Biggs said the hike was unacceptable for lower paid workers.

He said: "These fare hikes are unfair and unnecessary and the Mayor should think again. The costs of living in London are going through the roof for those on lower and middle incomes. It's reaching crisis point and Boris should have these people in mind."

According to Mr Biggs a worker on average pay in Newham pays 8.2 per cent of his take home pay on a montly travel card, while in Tower Hamlets the figure is 6.5 per cent, and in Barking & Dagenham 11.8 per cent.

Mr Biggs said: "It's scandalous that local residents have to work 23.7 days in Tower Hamlets, 30 days in Newham and 43.1 days a year in Barking & Dagenham just to cover the cost of getting there. Boris should spend less time campaigning for tax cuts for the richest people in London and more time keeping fares down for everyone else."

Mr Johnson defended the fare increases, which he said averaged 5.6 per cent - lower than the original increases he announced earlier this autumn.

He said: "Every penny of this cash injection will go towards keeping fares as low as possible. That is very good news in the current economic climate and even better the unprecedented level of investment to improve London's transport network will continue unabated."

The Day peak zone 1-4 Travelcard and cap initially planned to rise by 8 per cent will now rise by 6 per cent and the 7 Day zone 1-2 Travelcard has been held down from an 8 per cent increase to 5.8 per cent.

All free and concessionary travel for older people, students, veterans and disabled Londoners remains protected in full.

The new fares come into effect on January 2.