Food Review: The Three Wine Men

By Jon Massey on December 2, 2011 5:11 PM |

The Three Wine Men

A long low room packed with wine and people eager to talk about it but lacking in a little organisational pizazz

I was unclear about what to expect from The Three Wine Men tasting event at Lord's Cricket Ground.

But regardless of our ambivalence, it's happening again, publicised this time with a picture of Oz Clark, Tim Atkin and Olly Smith mucking about on camels (wine, you see, sounds like wise).

These are even more outlandish images than the ones my fiancee, my friend and I conjured forth as we trudged up from Baker Street Tube station.

It suggests a nativity scene perhaps with James May as the baby Jesus prone in a manger while Oz and the others circle round him extolling a golden chardonnay or a malbec with spicy notes of frankincense.

If the last event was anything to go by though, it's more likely to feature a long low room with views out over the practice pitch, packed with enthusiastic pourers at tables strewn with bottles, eager to fill up the crowds.

While there were a number of attendees taking the whole thing very seriously, swirling with vigour before attacking the plentiful spittoons, most seemed content to wander around swilling and enjoying the banks of knowledge behind the welcoming, saucer eyes of the staff.

There were all kinds of special presentations on offer, but announcements were scarce and I suspect we weren't alone in missing out on the majority.

Pop-up spots by the three big names were common, however, and drew the crowds.

By far the highlight for me and my Norwegian friend (who, it transpired, had little interest in wine) was one such pop-up with Oz at the only beer stand.

His enthusiasm for Innis and Gunn's spirit cask-aged ales was infectious and well placed.

A shame that there weren't more beer and spirit tables despite online promises to the contrary.

Perhaps this has been addressed for the December shows. Mine's a myrrh-infused vodka.

The next Three Wine Men event takes place at Lords tomorrow and Sunday (Dec 3-4).

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