Food For A Fiver: Starbucks' praline mocha

By Jon Massey on December 1, 2011 10:35 AM |

Praline mocha, £2.95

It might come in a festive red cup but this one's too sweet, unless you happen to like that sort of thing, of course.

Before anyone starts demanding we print a retraction, I am fully aware this column is entitled Food For A Fiver and not Over-Priced, Sickly Sweet Sham Coffee For A Fiver.

But I brought lunch in today (an especially pleasant homemade mince, since you ask) and realised somewhat late in the day that something for this slot was needed.

So, popping down to Starbucks (something I never do as we have a franchised, cheap version in our canteen) following the potent ravings of our photographer about times of year and red cups, I bought the most insultingly festive thing I could find.

Like so much in life, the first few sips were the sweetest, although I think few will be convinced by the floppy cream - a far cry from the stiff whipped peaks on the advert.

To Starbucks' credit, the taste is that of a nutty praline, plucked from a golden box.

The problem, though, is that even a tall (the chain's curious aversion to the word small never fails to grate) is too much.

But I suppose, for a sweeter tooth than mine, it might be bearable.

Sickly after a while, even if it's only a small (tall)


nia said:

had this yesterday in starbucks (a small one) the first couple of sips were to die for, but after those sips it became far far too sickly.
Could only drink one quarter of the drink, and I had it WITHOUT cream.