Docklands Clinic will be a one-stop shop for health

By Simon Hayes on December 5, 2011 3:16 PM | new clinic in Canary Wharf aims to be a "one-stop shop" for nearly all health needs.

The Docklands Clinic at Admiral's Way in South Quay offers a range of medical and cosmetic treatments. As well as a walk-in GP service, the clinic offers hypnotherapy, clinical pilates and life coaching, and beauty treatments such as laser hair removal and botox.

Gill Leeden is the clinic's founder. She has been managing director of Laser Active hair removal company for 13 years, but said The Docklands Clinic fulfils a lot of Wharfers' needs.

She said: "My first thought was to have a purely cosmetic clinic, but then I realised there was a connection between feeling better on the inside and looking better on the outside. What we aim to achieve here is to provide that professional service for clients to link both aspects.

"We are a team and we want to work as one. So if you come in for laser therapy, for example, and start to open up about emotional problems then we'd encourage you to speak to our psychotherapist. It's all about cross-referral to give people the chance to feel better in every way.

"With winter coming we offer counselling to banish the blues but also an opportunity to have a massage to relax you. You could say we're a one-stop shop."

Gill was also keen to encourage men, as well as women, to think about cosmetic procedures.

She said: "The cosmetic side is very important for men these days. Men don't age well, whereas women get a lot of help. But with appearance counting for a lot these days it's worthwhile men thinking about how to make themselves look better, whether that's hair removal or even some botox." Docklands Clinic was officially opened last Tuesday afternoon by Dr Chris Steele, resident GP on ITV1's This Morning. He's the patron of the SCKIN cancer charity and he urged people to use the clinic to get themselves checked out for skin cancer at the clinic.

He said: "I've been a skin cancer patient and it's something we should be more aware of in this country. Remarkably we have more deaths from skin cancer in the UK than they do in Australia, where they have a very active campaign to prevent it. So if you have a mole that itches or bleeds or has just grown, get it checked out here.

"I've also seen the other services the clinic offers and I'd like to sign up for a few myself, perhaps the beauty and pilates."

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