DLR extension to Eltham looked into by council

By Simon Hayes on December 15, 2011 11:14 AM |


Greenwich Council has committed itself to spending a further £45,000 on exploring an extension to the DLR that may never be built.

The council's cabinet gave the go-ahead on Tuesday night to a transport study on a proposed DLR link from Silvertown to Eltham, Kidbrooke and Falconwood.

It has already spent £25,000 on an initial study.

The proposed route would run from Silvertown, under the Thames to Greenwich Peninsula and along the central reservation of the A2 before reaching Eltham and Kidbrooke.

The report said the extension would have to be flexible because of existing roads and could mean building new tunnels and a high-level flyover across the A2 and A102. The building costs have been estimated at £1billion.

However, Transport for London said the extension did not form part of its plans.

A TfL spokeswoman said: "While TfL has recently become aware of the feasibility reports Greenwich Council commissioned, the council hasn't yet shared them with TfL. It is therefore difficult to comment on such proposals."

The council is keen to see transport links in the borough improved, particularly with major new regeneration projects such as Kidbrooke Village set to increase pressure on existing infrastructure.

The cabinet notes said: "A DLR extension would have a significant impact for the area and the continued momentum of the regeneration scheme.

"It would also relieve pressure on South Eastern Trains. An extension would have potential to stimulate regeneration all along the route."

The idea is not new, having been mooted by Eltham MP Clive Efford some years ago.

He said: "In the long term I want the DLR at Eltham and to put my part of south east London on the map."


Anonymous said:

The DLR extension to North Woolwich has proved to be very popular. The DLR should be extended, especially to South London.

It is a better alternative then more river crossing, which frankly, will bring no benefit during rush hours, as our roads are gridlocked....