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By Louisa Emery on November 4, 2011 10:05 AM |

feet.jpgI have a tendency to treat reflexology like palm reading, expecting the therapist to tell me all the things I am blissfully unaware are wrong with me and send me home secure in the knowledge they will be remedied.

The reality is less cut and dried, but equally fascinating as reflexologist Sioned Morgan explained.

She said: "Every system and organ in the body is mapped out on the feet emotionally and physically.

"Reflexology believes every physical imbalance manifests from an emotional one. The point is not to diagnose and cure.

"If someone had a medical condition I would recommend seeing a GP. Reflexology is about the touch process activating natural healing."

Sioned focuses on the thumb-walking technique and gently pushed and prodded my feet at Six Senses Spa in Pan Peninsula.


Having experienced agonising yet surprisingly therapeutic reflexology in Indonesia, this experience was thoroughly relaxing and felt like my internal knots were being untied.

Sioned said: "Your right foot is male and past and your left foot is female and future.

"From the big toe to smallest the toes are linked to thinking, feeling, doing, communication and family."

My big toes pointed upwards whereas my other four pointed down, which Sioned suggested meant I was hyper-alert.

My fourth toe was lying under my third, implying I prioritise doing over communicating.

Sioned also said the skin around my toes was irritated, more on my right foot, which could be linked to emotional irritation with a man both in the past and to a lesser extent in the present. She suggested that resolving these problems could rectify the effect on my feet.

Further delving highlighted that my digestive system was not as happy as it could be, a problem I was aware of.

She said: "Your instep is where your digestive system lies. You can feel crystalised areas and blockages and work through the reflex points to stimulate the digestive process."

Sioned also specialises in maternity and post natal treatments and claimed it was possible to tell if someone was pregnant and also determine the sex of the baby just from the mother's feet.

Sioned said there was no one particular type of person that should try reflexology and her clients, although largely woman also include men and children.

She said I would benefit from monthly reflexology treatments. Sessions cost £73 for 50 minutes.

Six Senses Spa, Pan Peninsula,


Mark said:

How is this different from palm reading though, other than it's feet instead of hands? As for benefiting from monthly reflexology treatments, I think it's clear who gets the most benefit from that :)

Kate said:

I think reflexology is great and has made a massive improvement to not just my state of mind but to my physical improvement as well. I have it fortnightly and i don't think you can judge something until you try it .