Peter Golds: I'm speechless over plans to use Trinity Square Gardens for boozy Christmas parties

By Peter Golds


Once in a while even Tower Hamlets Council can leave one lost for words. Earlier this year an ominous paper was approved by the Executive Mayor regarding using the borough's parks for revenue raising.

The result was that Victoria Park was used for a series of concerts.

Nothing, however, prepared for the news last week that the council had been negotiating to use Trinity Square Gardens, site of the Merchant Seamen's Memorial, for Christmas and New Year parties.

The company intending to use the park, Moving Events, was publicising its parties even before a licence was granted.

There are tens of thousands of names on the memorial, many of seamen as young as 14. Who would propose locating a marquee with music, and drinking adjacent to this memorial?

Obscenely, it would have been open for business on November 22, nine days after the borough's remembrance ceremonies.

Our poppies would have been swept away to be replaced by beer and wine glasses.

There are serious questions about the closed doors negotiations between the council and Moving Events.

After a national outcry, the mayor cancelled the hiring at the same time as Moving Events pulled out. However how did this get so far?

■ Peter Golds is Conservative councillor for Blackwall & Cubitt Town


Bill Ellson said:

Cllr Golds is not the only person wondering how the matter got this far, especially when it is remembered that Trinity Square Gardens is not one of "the borough's parks", but Crown land that is merely maintained by LBTH.

I made a Freedom of Information Act request in regard to this matter on 6th October, but despite a statutory duty on LBTH to respond promptly to such requests, they do not seem in any great hurry to get back to me. I will get to the bottom of this matter and in due course I will share the results of my endeavours with Mr Golds.