Noise fears over Greenwich Peninsula festival plans

Delta Beach.jpgResidents on the Isle of Dogs are making a noise about plans to stage a huge festival in Greenwich to coincide with the Olympics.

The Peninsula Festival is planned for land close to The O2 before and during the Games, with up to 45,000 people expected to attend on some days. Live music and extended drinking hours are on the agenda, as well as a campsite for festival-goers to use.

Licence applications are being considered by Greenwich Council today.

People living on the east side of the Isle of Dogs are concerned about the potential noise. One of the proposed sites, Delta Beach lies directly opposite, and applicants Orange Connections have applied for events to start there from next February, running from 8am to 11pm.

Delta Beach480.jpgEric Pemberton lives in Union Wharf, directly opposite Delta Beach. He hit the headlines in 2004 when he complained about Paul McCartney practising for a world tour in the former Millennium Dome, which was not sound-proof at the time.

He said: "Sound carries very easily across the water. Any events they hold outside The O2 are noisy enough. When we had the problems with Paul McCartney they measured the noise at 92 decibels, which is the equivalent to having a pneumatic drill outside your home."

Richard Samuels has lived in Kelson House, off Manchester Road, for 30 years. He said he had no objections to the festival, just to the proposed hours and the apparent lack of sound-proofing measures.

"I live on the 16th floor and I'll be very badly affected by the noise," he said. "There's nothing to block the noise that will come across the river. We've had noise problems before, mainly when the Red Bull Air Race was held on the river, but this is a different proposition because it could last for months.

"My ideal scenario is for them to grant the licence but to build a sound block wall or monitor the noise level and keep it down. I'm not against people enjoying themselves, but we should be considered. There's no compensation viable for six to eight months of disturbed sleep."

aa-nov25-Golds142WEBBY.jpgPeter Golds, Conservative councillor for Blackwall and Cubitt Town, was hoping to speak at the Greenwich meeting.

He said: "There are numerous other objections to the application, including the police and the ODA. Tower Hamlets have also sent in a strong objection."

The Metropolitan Police are concerned about staging such big events during a period when its resources will be stretched to cope with the influx of people for the Olympics.

Transport for London are objecting on the grounds that the festival would place extra strain on transport infrastructure, while Locog object because the proposed venue is close to Olympic sites at The O2 and Greenwich Park.

Some Greenwich residents have also complained about the potential noise.

Orange Connections were unavailable for comment, although The Wharf understands that a noise management plan has been commissioned in accordance with Council requirements.

Details of the concert licence applications:

4 x concerts for up to 45,000 people
3 x concerts for up to 20,000 people
5 x concerts for up to 10,000 people

All to take place between July 19 - August 12, though none on 27-29 July or 12 Aug.