London-wide policing for Millwall v West Ham clash

By Simon Hayes on September 15, 2011 11:13 AM |

MillwallLOGO142.jpgThe Metropolitan Police will implement a London-wide operation to make sure this Saturday's football match between Millwall and West Ham is trouble free.

There will be a very visibile police presence across south London, while transport hubs will be closely monitored to stop troublemakers reaching the match.

There is no specific information suggesting any organised disorder is planned between rival sets of supporters, but police are mindful of the trouble that marred the last meeting between the clubs two years ago.

Superintendent Suzanne Wallace from Lewisham police, said: "We aim to ensure supporters can travel to and from the match safely and enjoy the game and we have been working alongside the clubs, transport authorities and British Transport Police to ensure this happens.

"Our message to fans is simple - we will police match day fairly but firmly. If you're coming to enjoy the game, we will help you do that; However, if you intend to cause trouble you will find your efforts thwarted."

The game at The Den kicks off at 12.30pm. It has sold out and fans without tickets are advised not to travel to the ground.

Millwall have already announced it is shutting its club shop on Saturday to avoid being targetted by troublemakers, while businesses and shops have been advised to be aware of potential trouble.

Supt Wallace added: "I would like to thank local residents and businesses for their patience as we appreciate their day may be disrupted but we will make efforts to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum."

The 2009 match at Upton Park saw a Millwall fan stabbed, fighting outside the ground and serious disorder inside, resulting in charges against both clubs.

Millwall were exonerated after an investigation but West Ham were found guilty of failing to control their fans.