Wharf victims rejoice at Libyan uprising

By Rob Virtue on August 22, 2011 2:39 PM |


Victims of the 1996 bombing of South Quay have spoken out in support of the Libyan rebels' invasion of Tripoli.

The support team for those injured in the IRA explosion had previously visited Benghazi - the headquarters of the rebels - to show their support for the group opposed to Colonel Gaddafi's regime.

Docklands Victims Association's spokesman Jonathan Ganesh said: "It is a great day for the people of Libya and all within the international community who have suffered due to Gaddafi's brutality.

"We could not just stand by and watch Gaddafi kill other innocent people in Libya as we are only too aware of the pain he has caused within the UK due to his unprecedented support of the IRA terrorism that killed countless innocent people."

Gaddafi's regime supplied the semtex for the explosion at South Quay which killed two shop workers and injured dozens more Wharf workers.

The Libyan rebels uprising reached the country's capital city at the weekend.