Council boycott Woolwich meeting over EDL link

By Louisa Emery on August 19, 2011 12:28 PM |

 woolwichwall142.jpgA community meeting held to discuss the aftermath of the riots in Woolwich was boycotted by Greenwich Council.

Leaflets handed out in the town centre yesterday (August 18) on behalf of the council said it would not be attending because an organiser was connected to the English Defence League.

The leaflet read: "Whilst the council is extremely heartened by the general community response, the council is concerned that some people and organisations are using the events of last week to further their own causes. One of the main organisers of tonight's meeting has admitted to involvement with the EDL and has made what the council considers to be 'provocative' comments.

"We simply cannot offer any support to a gathering linked with an individual who has also
stated he still publicly supports the actions of the EDL and has used language which the vast majority of residents would find utterly offensive."

Organisers have said a member of their team was involved with the EDL in the past but no longer has an association with the group.

Last night's meeting was held in front of the comments wall outside the fire damaged Great Harry pub on Wellington Street.


Arron Peters said:

No surprise that the cultural Marxists at the Labour controlled Greenwich Council are running scared of the EDL.

Read the mission statement of the EDL on their website and then google cultural Marxism, a deliberate attempt to attack the foundations of British society and perhaps the primary reason for last weeks riots.

I'm sure most British people would actually find the latter utterly offensive and the mission statement of the EDL as just simple common sense.

Graham W said:

It is the Labour party at Greenwich Council that are utterly offensive. These people are traitors.

British Citizen said:

I promise my fellow citizens this. Within the next two years, EDL will be vanished from london. We londoners will take a stand against them. We will defeat them in every way.

Laura Wilkins said:

'British Citizen' sound like some sort of Nazi making protesters vanish! Rather sinister and no doubt another cultural marxist with sick and evil views about the true people of Britain.

Those who talk about Cable Street are correct, the fascists will be defeated. However it is the Islamofacists this time that are trying to inflict Shariah law on the UK that will be defeated.

True Patriot. said:

LMAO 'British Citizen' Good luck with that you are 99.9% likely to fail just like every one else who has tried to silence or defeat us :)