Anger rages on over Woolwich riots

By Rob Virtue on August 18, 2011 11:56 AM |

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The fires have died down and the dust is beginning to settle after the Woolwich riots but most residents are still angry about the violence that hit the town.

Messages have begun to appear on hoardings around The Great Harry pub. Messages such as: "Me and my family were born and brought up here and I have never been so disgusted," and "Think it's over? Watch karma catch up with you".

The Great Harry, a JD Wetherspoon's pub, was destroyed by arson in last Monday's rampage.

The temporary wall has been taken over by the community to focus their sadness, their pride and hope but, in most cases, their rage at the area being dragged into the riots, which swept across London.

Blue Inc in the High Street was also destroyed while others, such as Wimpy, remain boarded up and closed.

Some businesses affected by vandalism and looting have reopened but it's been a costly exercise.

Asim Mirza runs a computer and phone sale and repair shop near Woolwich Arsenal station.

His shop was broken into and most of the stock was stolen by looters during the riot.

He managed to reopen this week but said the future was bleak.

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"It was a terrible time," he said. "The shutters and glass were broken and I still had stuff here so I needed to stay all day and night.

"We've only just opened for business now the shopfront has been repaired. Even that cost a fortune because these companies are in such high demand.

"It's been a long and stressful week. I lost nearly all my stock. I've just got my fingers crossed the police can find our equipment."

The shop was looted of £15,000 of goods, including mobile phones and computers.

"It's very sad," added Asim. "I'm hoping the council can do something to help."

Greenwich Council said it was talking to small businesses.

Leader of the council Chris Roberts said: "It is my hope that we shall emerge from this with no small business having had to go out of business. The council will pull every lever it can to help them."


Tracey Gregg said:

The Woolwich Wall has been painted over

Lisa Pattenden said:

Outrageous, other councils preserve their walls, Woolwich Council paints it over in grey!!! Please write more about this and find out why the council has done this, it is absolutely discouraging! What sort of message do they really want to make?