Food For A Fiver: Kruger

By Jon Massey on May 11, 2011 1:33 PM |

Chicken Caesar salad, £3.50

A huge disappointment from the usually solid stable of Kruger. Gristle and surly service aplenty

If surly service, gristle in your chicken and an excess of Parmesan are your thing you're gonna love this one.

No beating around the bush this week - I normally go to Kruger as a solid provider of pre-packed snacks, but this just isn't good enough.

The grilled chicken tasted oddly metallic, was tough and featured little bony bit surprises.

Dressings, in my view, should either be tossed with the salad or provided in a little tub for consumers to deploy as necessary, not delivered as a big dollop in the middle, clumsily concealed beneath a blizzard of cheese shavings.

The Caesar salad was reportedly invented by hotelier Caesar Cardini, who created the dish with odds and ends in the kitchen after an Independence Day rush at his prohibition-dodging restaurant in Mexico depleted supplies.

Flare was added by tableside tossing to disguise the rather unexciting ingredients.

I dread to think what sort of a diversion would be necessary at my desk to compensate for the taste of this pre-packaged version.

I imagine my colleagues would quite enjoy the spectacle of fire eaters, burlesque dancers, lions on chairs and fireworks though.

A disappointment for the senses - must do better