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By Kay Lockett on May 3, 2011 11:27 AM |


Get the look: Miranda Kerr

New mum and Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr has shed her baby weight super-speedily but admits she has a weakness for chocolate.

How she does it: Miranda Kerr has attributed her lean, post-baby bod to a diet that's low in calories, high in fibre and rich in antioxidants. She's also a big fan of yoga.

You can too: Before you start grinding your teeth in irritation at this seemingly perfect woman, rest assured she falls off the wagon occasionally - in fact, Miranda has a big weakness for those heavenly Lindt chocolate balls!

I don't think Miranda's alone in her fondness of chocolate so if you went a bit crazy over Easter, try not to give yourself a hard time but do make a conscious effort to get back on track. The average hollow Easter egg contains 700 calories, while those filled with sweets contain around 1,500 (the total daily calorie requirement for a small woman!).

Now might be the time to do a "cupboard cleanse". Try banning your food and drink weaknesses from the house for a few weeks to help shift the results of those Easter excesses; the same goes for the office - keep an emergency piece of fruit only in your desk drawer. And persuade colleagues to start a baseball team, or enter into an event such as Race for Life (

My boyfriend's gained a lot of weight in the past year and I don't know how to say that I'm finding him less attractive without upsetting him.

This is an unfortunate, but very common, predicament you're in. While in an ideal world you would accept your boyfriend whatever weight he is, the reality is, you prefer him a bit slimmer and buffer.

Try telling him gently and subtly how you feel and then offer a solution: this might be taking out a joint gym membership; trying to find a sporting hobby together; or experimenting cooking lower fat, lower cal meals together at home.

He may not like what you have to say initially but if you're selective with your words and offer realistic and positive solutions, you should do minimal damage to his self esteem and to your relationship.

Tip of the week

Work that playlist. Research has shown that exercising to music with a faster beat helps to improve your workout intensity. Adjusting your music to your workout can make all the difference too: choose fast paced dance music for cardio; music with a good base for weights, and chill-out tunes for your stretching.