Fitness by Laura Williams

By Kay Lockett on April 18, 2011 2:48 PM |


Get the look: The Saturdays

The Saturdays were poolside last week making headlines with their bikini bodies. So, as the temperature hits 23C, it's time to get beach ready.

How they do it: Alongside their obvious musical talent these girls' bodies are part of the product so there's plenty of cash to splash on staying in shape.

You can too: It's simple, just follow my four-point-plan to a glorious beach bod:

Work those weights: For the best beach bottom, grab two tins of beans and squat and lunge to your heart's content as you're waiting for your pasta to cook. Press-ups in front of the telly will help to boost a sagging chest or create firm pecs. Get out your Swiss ball and start crunching at the end of your workout in pursuit of that six-pack.

Think small: We're not like some members of the python family - one meal doesn't have to last us six months. KFC bargain buckets are out; dainty Itsu meals are in.

Wage war on cellulite:
No, you don't need to invest in expensive treatments. The very latest studies have found aerobic exercise, a low fat diet and resistance training are best.

Surf the web: Beachwear is as important as your beach body. Whether you want to show off your gorgeous glutes, or conceal your paltry pecs, cunning swimwear is where it's at. Good gear can be found in Waitrose, M&S and Sweaty Betty. Youthful, nubile figures should head to TopShop for something flattering.

I started going to the gym recently, which has made me very hungry. I eat healthily but sometimes get so hungry I have to eat late at night. I seem to be getting bigger by the day. What am I doing wrong?

It sounds as if you might be overcompensating for your gym visits in terms of what you're taking in.

If you're trying to lose weight you need to create a deficit in terms of what you eat and what you're burning off.

If you're eating more than you need, you'll put on weight, regardless of how healthy your diet is and how often you workout.

Try to be strict with yourself in terms of sticking to three meals a day. If you struggle with eating in a disciplined fashion, try planning your meals so that you're shopping and cooking in advance, and restrict snacks to filling, low-cal foods like fruit and soup.

Don't be tempted by fatty or high-sugar snacks.