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By Kay Lockett on March 4, 2011 2:24 PM |


Get the look: Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem cut a fine figure at the Oscars - no surprise as the actor had to ditch every last scrap of excess weight to play Uxbal in the film Biutiful.

How he does it:"It was a lot of diet, a lot of exercise, but also a lot of shooting - that really makes you feel like losing weight," said Bardem.

You can too: We've found our fave celeb ways to get red carpet fit.

Play mind games. Hitting the headlines is hypno-dieting. If you'd like to start hating double chocolate chip muffins (think replacing, "yum, a tasty, sweet cake for breakfast", for "what a hideous mound of trans fat and bleached flour"), this is the fad for you.

Get personal. Fork out for that vital A-list accessory: a personal trainer. They'll hold your hand while you jog round the park, and empty your fridge.

Use your webcam. No smirking - this is good, clean fun. Find yourself budget personal training online - try a site such as

Go bootcamp. Hollywood stars go nuts for bootcamp-style fitness. David Kirsch ( is the toughest trainer to the stars.

Add some weight. The weighted vest is back and its fans include Mark Wahlberg. Take a look at the current fave at


I've been advised to stick to low impact exercise due to problems with my knees and lower back. Will I still lose weight through low impact exercise, though?

You can still lose plenty of weight through low impact exercise.

Weight loss is more likely to occur as a result of increased frequency of exercise, the duration of your exercise session and the intensity at which you workout - the fact that it's high or low impact needn't make too much of a difference.

The cross trainer, which involves both arm and leg movements, is probably your best bet for calorie-burn and raising your heart rate to work on your fitness levels. Rowing and cycling are good choices as well but take care not to lock your knees, especially on the rowing machine if you're having problems with your joints.

If you're swimming, make it count - a fast-paced crawl is your best bet.

Myth of the week
"Running on the treadmill is better for your knees than running outside."

No longer considered to be the case, according to the experts. It's the force of your body weight transferring through your joints as you make impact with the ground that does the damage, not the surface you're running on. The best way to reduce joint damage is to vary your workout - include cycling and swimming along with your higher impact activities.


Tarundeep said:

Great article. It's amazing that the history of fad dieting goes back so far. Although I guess Adam and Eve invented the first fad diet (The Apple-Only Diet)