Peter Golds: Island Hoppa has gobbled £238,000

By Jon Massey on February 17, 2011 2:13 PM |


Travelling home from work recently, I reached Canary Wharf at 8pm. There were still large numbers of people passing through the station and the stop for buses to the Island was crowded.

This brings me to the Island Hoppa, a daytime circular service which has been running since September 2009.

It is free to residents who have to apply for a permit and was funded by way of a £14,000 per month Section 106 payment arising from development.

The problem is that the buses circle the Island carrying little more than fresh air.

In fact as revealed in an answer to fellow Island councillor, Tim Archer, each passenger costs £33.

Section 106 money should be used for community benefit to mitigate development. The Hoppa Bus has already gobbled up some £238,000 and will be carrying on like this until it finishes in August.

When it was decided to use this money for transport need, why didn't the consultants work out that this sum could be used to subsidise additional journeys on our existing Island services?

Consultants are used in the planning process to provide lateral thinking.

An early morning or mid-evening journey on one of the existing Island buses could have saved time and effort and helped alleviate a problem faced by so many Wharfers every day.

- Peter Golds is Conservative councillor for Blackwall & Cubitt Town


James said:

I was not even aware we could use those. I thought they were either private buses or were for school or ambulance purposes!