Greenwich Council approve cable car plan

aa-jan27-Cable142.jpgThe proposed Thames cable car has been approved by both Newham and Greenwich Councils, but mystery shrouds when funding for the £25million project will be agreed.

The ambitious link, which will span the river from The O2 to the Royal Docks was given the green light by Greenwich Council's planning department last night, while Newham Council gave it the nod last week.

But there has been no announcement on who will put up the money to build the project, even though negotiations with interested parties have been "ongoing" for several months.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has promised the bulk of the money will come from private companies, although Transport for London would not give details of when a funding announcement would be made.

Their spokeswoman said: "Discussions for potential third party funding for the London cable car are ongoing."

Mr Johnson wants the link opened before the London Olympics, but building work would have to start within the next two months if that deadline is to be met.

The scheme, which will span 1,100m, will carry up to 2,500 passengers an hour if built. Journey times would last about five minutes. The cable car could also be used to host corporate events.


George said:

This is a really good idea. There is one problem though that you've failed to report on and what the powers that be don't seem to want to get out. The proposed cable car will have to pass through London City Airports Public Safety Zone (PSZ) this is an area where there is a very high risk of an accident if a plane goes down. You are not allowed to build new structures in this area for safety reason but it seems that all the parties involved with this project don't care about this and are just going to go ahead with it. The almighty £ is again more important than properly assessing the risk as per Department of transport (DfT) guidence.