Green Living: Green New Year Challenges

By Louisa Emery on January 10, 2011 12:38 PM |

By Andrew Williams

As 2011 dawns, it's a great opportunity to look into our green crystal ball and see what could be in store for Wharfers in the next 12 months.

One issue is sure to dominate life in the east end, and that's the approaching Olympics.

So far the project seems to have been plain sailing, albeit with some early niggles around the athletes' village.

The games may not have lived up to their green billing but organiser Locog deserves credit for the great strides it has made so far, the legacy of which will have a positive effect on the events industry for years to come.

Transport also looms large in 2011, with Crossrail taking shape and the prospect of a cable car link from The O2 to the Excel.

For many regular commuters though the holy grail will be an end to delays and overcrowding on the Jubilee Line. It's only by focussing on the grass roots transport issues facing workers that we can continue to encourage Wharfers to leave their cars at home.

Sustainable and affordable housing could be another big issue, with continued controversy of redevelopment plans for the Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar. Whether you think it's an architectural masterpiece or a glorified slum, the question remains as to whether its replacement will be a more sustainable solution.

Finally, there's big business, the life blood of the Wharf. More pressure will be piled on banks and large businesses in 2011 to pay their fair share of tax and contribute more. Whether they choose to do so, and whether the public listens, could turn out to be one of the defining memories of 2011.