Fitness by Laura Williams

By Kay Lockett on January 28, 2011 1:17 PM |


Get the look: Eva Longoria

The lovely Desperate Housewives star has always managed to maintain her tiny figure. But Eva's honest about how hard she works to stay in shape.

How she does it: Not a great fan of reducing her food intake, Eva prefers to stay in shape with very regular visits to the gym (in fact, once upon a time, Eva had ideas about joining the fitness industry).

Do it for yourself: While we're still in 'New Year, New You' mode, why not copy Eva's routine and make regular gym visits part of your way of life?

I often talk about ways to get fit without becoming a gym bunny, but if you're after really quick results without too much deprivation on the food front, a three to four times-a-week exercise routine should do the trick. I recommend one long session of aerobic activity, a weights session and then a session that combines the two. For example, you could attend a spinning class on a Monday, do upper and lower body weights on a Wednesday and then do circuit training on a Saturday.

If you're looking to do this without the use of a gym, fear not. On Monday you could go for a 45-minute run, Wednesday you could do your resistance work using your own body weight, with moves such as lunges, and then on Saturday you could circuit-train at home.

I sit next to a girl at work who eats much more than me but she's at least three dress sizes smaller. How is this?

Well, for a start you're only seeing part of her eating habits; you have no idea how little she eats outside of work. And then I'm afraid there's the small matter of genetics. It sounds as if this girl has a fast metabolism - my guess is that her build is naturally lean and she doesn't carry much fat. In which case, she's naturally a lean, mean calorie-burning machine (I know - there's no justice in the world). It's always hard when you compare yourself to someone else and end up feeling worse off. Try not to pay too much attention to this woman's eating habits and instead work out what you need to do to get you where you want to go - figure out what your own personal best should be and don't worry about the Devil Woman sitting next to you.

Snack of the Week
Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut
ee-jan27-krispy_kreme.jpgI bet that's one thing you thought you'd never see on a health page: a suggestion to eat a doughnut. But, containing a staggering 100 fewer calories than a Snickers bar, this is one afternoon treat you can afford to have every so often (I treated myself yesterday after a run and was in heaven).